"Lucky Devil" Reviews!

earBuzz said, "With pop sensibilities firmly planted and grown from the work he's done with Huey Lewis and the News for the past 25 odd years, Colla releases "Lucky Devil", with suprises and a clear expert knowledge of music and pop record making. The CD opens with "Time Ain't Money" - a country western crossover pop fast moving shaker reminscent of Alabama Getaway; southern rock with a touch of pop. Track 2, "Second Chance", shows it's penmanship. The influence of Philly sound and Colla's own pop skills bleeds from the track. The performance and quality of the lead vocal is compelling and soulful. Colla doesn't have the strength and roughness of Lewis' chords, which commands compression; instead, Colla's voice has a beautiful pop subtlety which ring through the mix. However, fans of pop, western movers, Americana, and guitar rockabilly have struck the mother lode of music and will fall in love with the entire CD. Equally impressive is the fact that Colla produced, performed, and wrote all of the tracks without his signature sax playing, further magnifiying his abilities as a singer/songwriter of substance and talent -- buy it and enjoy."

Mark Gould at Soundwaves Magazine said, “Johnny Colla’s name, and his vast talent, should come as no surprise to fans of Huey Lewis and the News, where Colla has functioned as a multi-hit songwriter, guitarist and sax player for more than 20 years. What may be surprising, after listening to Colla’s first solo project, is that it took him so long to put out such a great record! Colla’s career began with Van Morrison and then Sly & the Family Stone, making a name for himself in the Bay Area. He joined Lewis in the late Seventies, and is the co-writer of such well known hits, almost standards by this time, as “The Heart of Rock and Roll,” “Power of Love,” and “If This Is It.” Anyone who has seen the News live can testify to Colla’s solid musicianship and stage presence. On “Lucky Devil,” fans of the uptempo side of the News will rejoice to “Time Ain’t Money,” (co-written with Lewis,) “Let’s Start with Love,” and “The New Romeo.” But, for such a stellar rocker, the real revelation of this record is how much of Colla’s more mellow and heartfelt side comes out, particularly on “Hold on You,” “Over and Over,” and the final track, the magnificent “Where are the Words?” which has big time hit written all over it. Colla certainly has done - and continues to do - some fine work with Lewis & the News, and now we’re all “lucky” that he’s doing it on his own as well.

Teresa S. said, "Johnny Colla is one great musician. This is one of the better CDs I have ever owned. I love all of the songs and know them all. Johnny has such a great gift and shares this gift with us. I bought the CD when it was first released (and) it is definitely worth the money. I have been a HLN fan for over 20 years (and) they never stop impressing me. GREAT JOB JOHNNY!!! PLEASE RELEASE ANOTHER ALBUM!!!!

Alex J. said, "After 25 years and around 30 Million records sold with one of Americas most successful groups of all time, Johnny Colla goes it alone with his first solo record. From the sounds of things Johnny's been itching to do this for a few years. While the album isn't as strong a collection as the most recent HLN album, it does have some great tunes (Letter of the Law, New Romeo, Time Aint Money) and proves that Colla is still worthy not only as a songwriter/side man to Huey Lewis but as an artist in his own right. The style is more country/western than the rootsy R&B of The News, and one thinks maybe Johnny should have done this in the late eighties / early nineties when HLN's commercial success would have still had enough pull to give this album a major release. Unfortunately, quality does not equal quantity these days; but lets all hope that Johnny releases another record for us soon, either with or without the News, because he is a voice that needs to be heard."

Gregory B. said, "This is a really good CD! I received this CD as an early Christmas present. I have been a Huey Lewis and the News fan for several years, so this CD was a must for my collection. After listening to Johnny's CD I was very impressed. The music is very easy listening, similiar to the Eagles. My favorite tune is "Let's Start with Love". With the proper marketing, this song could be a hit. I would recommend this CD to anyone.

"Pam K. said, "Johnny Colla is a very 'talented devil!' Being a huge Huey Lewis & The News fan for the past 30 years; you always heard Johnny sing along with Huey on almost every song. Now we get the distinct pleasure of hearing him all by himself. OMG! HE IS AMAZING, AND WHAT A VOICE!!! I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed listening to a CD over and over again! I am still in awe of how incredibly talented this man is! I can't get enough of this CD. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CD! It has a little bit of something for everyone in it. Congratulations Johnny & thank you for putting out something so refreshing! Hope to see another one in the near future!!!"

Valerie B. said, "At last! We have a brilliant compilation of Johnny's solo talents as a songwriter, composer, musician and lyricist all in one great package in the form of a CD . . . Johnny Colla and the Lucky Devils! The first time I heard this CD I was extremely surprised in a really great way! It was nothing like I had expected. I now have been drawn away from the stereotype of good ol' Rock and Roll that I had put him in playing with Huey and the News, and been led to a great new venue of beautifully written music. Some of the songs have a real catchy Country/Rock feel to them, and you will also find some incredible ballads that really show Johnny's soulful side. I found myself singing these songs in my head days later. My first thought was, "Wow! This kind of reminds me of the Eagles!" Now from me, this is a great compliment! To have me comparing Johnny to the Eagles should definitely give you a clue! Buy this CD!! You'll be very pleasantly surprised and glad you did! If a CD could be worn out, mine would be and so will yours!!! Worth every dime and more!"

Robert S. said, "Johnny Does it on his own, and does it well. As a huge Huey Lewis and the News fan as well as a sax player, I was anxious to hear Johnny's CD. Not sure what to expect, I tried to listen without pre-conceived notions. I enjoyed this album a lot, especially the ballads. "Over and Over" and "Where are the Words?" are my favorites. The album is hard to classify, but somewhere between pop and country is the best way to describe it. The kind of music you would hear in a bar, and want to follow the band around to hear it again."

Catherine C. said, "From saxophone to lead singer he does it all, effortlessly. Not knowing what to expect, what a delightful surprise! If you follow Huey Lewis and the News, Johnny's the sax player. On 'Lucky Devil' he's the front man sans sax! 10 cuts, including a cover of "Time Ain't Money" from his other band. You have to buy this CD to pick your own favorite. For all HLN fans, this CD is a MUST for your collection. This is NOT a Huey and The News CD. Listen for yourself and appreciate the direction Johnny's music will take you."

H Mayson said, "A Must for all Huey & the News Fans! When I first heard that Johnny was putting out a CD, I knew I was going to add it to my collection; I couldn't wait to listen to it. Every song on the album is great! I particularly enjoy "Letter of the Law" and "Hold On You". I love the sound of the songs; there's a Rock 'n Roll sound to some and a hint of country to others. Very enjoyable, and I highly recommend this CD to anyone!"

Lenee W. said, "Puts a smile on your face! This refreshing album can keep you in a good mood all day long. You can't help but enjoy the upbeat tempos and lyrics. Johnny is best know for his work with Huey Lewis and the News, but as his first solo attempt, he should be proud of what he has accomplished. The sound on the album is not HLN; it is true Johnny. After listening to the CD you may realize that Johnny doesn't play his signature saxophone, but amazingly these songs are so great it is not missed. I am looking forward to his second album!"

Chris B. said, "EXCELLENT CD! Johnny really has a wonderful CD here! If you are not familiar with his work, he is the saxophone/guitar player for Huey & The News for over 20 years. He has created a great mix of songs on this album. My personal favorites are on this CD are: "Over & Over", "Second Chance", and the HLN cover "Time Ain't Money". Makes a great present!"

Tammy S. Said, "This CD is a must have for any HLN fan. It is the solo work of a talented musician. Johnny doesn't play sax on this CD; instead, he's the front man and plays his guitar and sings. Buy this CD!"

Rob C. said, "You will be THE LUCKY DEVIL if you will buy this CD! Being a huge fan of Huey Lewis and The News, I have to say this was a release that I was looking forward to for a very long time. Johnny has been with The News since day one and has released a record that would inspire anyone to become a musician. The music and lyrics seem to be written so effortlessly and makes you wonder if independent releases will be the wave of the future (given the status of the record business). Luckily for the fans, Johnny has mentioned this won't be his only solo effort. "Lucky Devil" makes you want to light a cigar, drink a Corona and take a beautiful lady out for a night on the town and, as the title says, "Let's Start With Love". This record is what Rock 'n Roll is meant to be!"

Luca in Italy said, "You will enjoy the Johnny's nice version of "Time Ain't Money". With "Hold On You", "Let's Start With Love" and "Letter Of The Law" you will stand up and clap your hands and sing! My favourites are "Second Chance", "Over and Over" and "Where Are The Words", but everytime I play it I have to hear all songs! What can I say? Well done Johnny! I can't wait to hear the next record! YOU guys around the world, buy this GREAT CD and then you'll ask for the next one too!"

Bill R. said, "WOW! 'The Heart Of Rock 'n Roll' has turned into a worthless wasteland with brain-numbing crap produced by "cookie cutter" bands and singers . . . then along comes Johnny Colla with a smooth blend of catchy tunes written in the old school 'Johnny' way; from track 1 all the way through, this is a solid CD. For those of you like me who like country like a root canal, this is the exception you could almost call "Jazzy Country."

'Rock Dawg' said, "Good debut from a amazing musician! Johnny has been an intricate part of Huey Lewis and The News since their formation, but he's finally found the time to pursue a side project. With 'Lucky Devil' the songwriting is first rate and the musicianship is something not to be overlooked. This disc is for anyone who likes Huey and The News, and anyone who just likes music that is written from the heart."